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Cultivating the right character, mindset and skillset for the African child


With the earnest desire to guide the African child in identifying his/her unique genius and developing such talents into a rewarding career focused on problem-solving, Gardeners for Africa(G4A) was birthed. Due to the high level of career dissatisfaction and lack of employability skills experienced by over 81% of the African youth (using Nigeria as a case study), the founders then decided to dig out the root cause of the above mentioned challenge from the tap root by equipping the youths before their year of graduation from secondary school, with relevant and very contemporary tech skills (web development, graphic designing, digital marketing and more) and also guide them in making informed decisions for their career, holding them by the hand from primary school to senior secondary, coaching them on how to develop the right mindset, cultivate ethical skills and identify their unique geniuses.

G4A's Values

We believe in making positive impact on the african child, using education as the vehicle

At G4A we believe in creating an enabling environment for everyone and our major priority is in the education of the African child/youth especially those from middle to low income families. We believe that the academic sector should strategically present every child, an eased access to quality education with strategic pricing. In lieu of this, we work tirelessly to ensure that middle to low income public and private schools have access to structures, contents, educators and methods seen in a standard school environment with high fees.

Problem Solving